It relieves stress from the day, week, month; makes your body and muscles feel better by finally allowing them to relax and take in the much needed oxygen and rest. Massage also helps with sleep and makes our bodies work and feel as they are supposed to. Our Rochester Hills massage therapist works to help you relieve everyday stress.

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Connie Moore changed my life. Although I didn’t have any debilitating problems, I didn’t feel good and I was tight and stiff all of the time. I didn’t know how badly I felt because I had gotten used to it and thought it was normal aging. After many “salon” massages in the last several years, I heard about Connie and decided to give her a try. An hour on her massage table is like nirvana. I felt absolutely fantastic and like a new person after my first massage. I thought I would get a monthly massage, but after thinking about it, have decided to get a weekly massage. I deserve it. And my body deserves it. Try Connie once. You will be amazed!Carol O.